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How to Use Duoduo

REMINDER: To edit and work on the site you will need proper permissions. So, make sure you are logged in to see all the site has to offer: /login (Please /register and request for appropriate role)

Here are a few highlights:

  1. Events are ususally technical presentations or professional networking activies. The home page features both a list of upcoming events and also a box that will show the next event chronologically. Simply add events to the calendar and they will appear on the list with the most recent showing first. Here is the overall event calendar: /events/month/

  2. News is a list on the home page of news items in reverse chronological order posted. You can search and see the full list of news here: /news/ Simply add news items and watch them show on the list. /news/add/ (currently not available to regular user yet)

  3. Job Listings are a fantastic way to find talent for your business or projects. The home page featues a dynamic listing of open positions. Simply add jobs to the job board and the listing will show on the job board and most recent added will show on the home page. To add jobs click here: /jobs/add/

  4. Resumes are for you to advertise your skills and expertise in order for attracting potential employers or sponsors. Simply add resumes to the talents pool and the listing will show on the board. To add resumes click here: /resumes/add

  5. Articles are great places to share your thoughts and findings. Please also read other people's research or experience in addition to contribute our own. To add articles click here: /articles/add

  6. Contact is the way to communicate to Duoduo for any requests. If you want to give a technical speech, or sponsorship, or any other form of support, please click here: /contact