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Together, we can shape a better future using data and technology!

Our History

Duoduo, a Data Technology & Professional Service group, starts from a dinner gathering in manhattan Chinatown. A group of data science lovers compried of mathematician, economist(financist) and software programmers decided to form a group and have regular meetings.

Then on wechat a group was quickly formed and expanded to nearly 200 people within days, whose members mostly are Chinese data scientists and enthusiasts from univeristies and companises, including students, professors and lead data scientists.

Group events were held first in New York Public Library at times square area on Dec 12, 2015, then Google Inc, Columbia Business School, Fordham Business School and etc. Online talks were also given by professionals from state of Indiana.


In order to coninue the group's zeal and relentless pursuit in data science and technology in addition to their applications in various industries and research institutes, we have created to better serve the commnunity, promote the commnication and exchange ideas. We also provide consultation for people with data and technology needs or providing staffing help by tapping ito our talents pool.


We start from New York, and look to expand into other cities in America, as well as overseas. We are striving for an online platform on which professionals at different stages of different career path can network, share, find opportunties and benefit.


  • Data Science and Technology Training and Education
  • Algorithm Design and Execution Consulting
  • Developing relationship among data science and technology professionals
  • Organizing Data and Technology Conferences
  • Use Data and Technology to offer professional services to orgization or individal